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International Market Recruiters is a financial services executive search firm that is home to some of the finest recruiters in the United States.

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A Top Finance Recruiter for More Than 25 Years

International Market Recruiters has successfully partnered with top-tier investment banks, asset management firms, hedge funds and other financial service providers to effectively fulfill their staffing needs through our expert financial recruiters.

Our specialization in the financial industry, along with our dedication to hard work, integrity and confidentiality, has established IMR as the go-to provider of talented business professionals.

Our team includes former Wall Street executives and seasoned sales and recruitment specialists whose extensive experience has earned them an in-depth understanding of the industry’s needs and operations. This ensures optimal results and guarantees success for our clients.

What Our Professional Staffing Firm Provides

At International Market Recruiters, we’re dedicated to making sure our clients receive the finest staffing possible, which is why we’ve become such a leader among financial services recruiters.

  • One major aspect of providing such excellent service comes from utilizing the best tools and information available to get the job done. When reviewing potential job candidates, our staff ensures that all applicants’ screening and hiring follows up-to-date industry regulations, as well as our own specialized selective requirements.
  • Also, our nationwide finance recruiter network gives us the capability to find the absolute best candidates possible, as we can locate applicants near any business, or those who are willing to relocate for an exciting opportunity.
  • And best yet, as financial services recruiters, we provide all the benefits of a permanent and consultant staffing firm, while also supplying professional temp agency staffing solutions for our clients. That means whatever your hiring needs are, IMR will be able to meet, if not exceed, them!

Who We Provide For

By focusing exclusively on financial recruiting, IMR has been fortunate to gain varied and in-depth industry experience. We have come to know what our clients expect and how to live up to those expectations.

We work with many clients in a number of specialized sectors, such as:

  • Asset management
  • Banks
  • Broker dealers
  • Clearing houses
  • Exchanges
  • Fund administrators
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity firms
  • Rating Agencies
  • Service Providers

Our department staffing includes:

  • Exchange change derivatives
  • Derivatives
  • Regulatory
  • Compliance
  • Accounting & finance
  • IT services

But those are just a small sampling of everything we can do for our clients and our job candidates. To see a more extensive list of who we work with and what we offer, visit our About Us page.

Our Applicant Process

To ensure we continue to provide the finest financial recruiter services available, we employ a rigorous application and screening process to find the best of the best and get them started in stimulating new careers.

We conduct in-depth interviews evaluating candidates’ education and work experience, thoroughly checking all provided references, and briefing prospective employees on all aspects of their future job duties.

Also, for our professional temp agency division, we serve as the employer of record. This allows us to provide:

  • Competitive salaries and hourly rates
  • An impressive benefits package with health insurance coverage
  • A 401(k)

Whether you’re a client or a candidate, you know you’ll get the best from IMR!

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It’s easy to see why we’re a leading financial services recruiter, but we’re working to improve our offerings all the time. Whether you have questions about what we provide or you’re ready to work with us, contact us today.

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